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Navigate Complexity

Investment Beyond the Traditional

Flexible strategic allocations and active portfolio repositioning — a process that is enhanced by legal experience and financial analysis.

Beach Point Investment Approach

We Favor

complex, less-followed investment opportunities that are often mispriced and undervalued.

We Seek

to mitigate downside risk by emphasizing investments with a margin of safety.

We Believe

in strong risk management supported by exposure diversification guidelines and highly regarded service providers.

Multi-Asset Credit

  • Flexible, global strategy that opportunistically invests up and down the capital structure and across asset classes
  • Fundamental, value-oriented approach; research intensive process with thorough company due diligence and legal analysis
  • Diverse investments including catalyst-driven high yield, bank loans, distressed debt, structured credit, equities and shorts/hedges

High Yield & Senior Loans

  • Dedicated strategy that invests primarily in middle and higher quality high yield bonds and bank debt
  • We seek to protect capital by generally favoring debt that is senior or secured with priority of payment

Structured Credit

  • Focused strategy that invests in esoteric instruments with carry and securitization upside
  • Long/short portfolio construction targets downside protection over 12 month horizon

Special Credit Opportunities

  • Multi-year drawdown fund complex launched in 2010, focused on less liquid credit, privates and distressed debt
  • Emphasis on mid-sized companies and “off the beaten path” situations

Private Equity & Strategic Initiatives

  • Committed capital vehicle launched in 2019; tactical investments in distressed debt and credit-informed private equity
  • Select investments in the seams between traditional asset classes that are inefficiently priced


Los Angeles. New York. London. Dublin.

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